If you are looking for an FPV remote control in gamepad design, you will sooner or later stumble across the TBS Tango II and TBS Tango II Pro. The TBS Tango II is one of the most sought after remote controls on the market.

What makes the TBS Tango II so special?

The special thing about this RC remote control is the integrated TBS Crossfire and of course the design. Many large manufacturers have recognized the potential and follow up with the T-Pro or Radiomaster Zorro, for example.

The TBS Tango II Pro also features foldable sticks – is that worth the extra cost? Decide for yourself.

Thanks to TBS Crossfire, a range of up to 20km is possible(!) and gives you acoustic and vibrating feedback. The icing on the cake of this FPV remote control is the built-in display, which is always easy to read.

Inside the package:

  • 1 x Tango 2 remote control
  • 1 x Springs Set (Lower Tension)
  • 1 x Tango 2 Neck Strap Mount